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As excited as you are to get started - I'm excited, too! - please, don't submit a payment for training without first Applying. I don't want to take any of your hard-earned money
without being sure you're someone I can help.



Standard, One-on-One Online Training

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 150 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

What you get:  Customized exercise programming catered to your experience level, fitness level, body, seasonal schedule, andlifestyle  Access to the Daniel Lopez Training App, through which your programming will be delivered, and through whichyou can keep track of both body stats and data regarding your training (including alerts when you hit new PRs,and cool graphs showing your workouts and body stats over time)  Updated programming for when life gets in the way (planning around travel, adjust in case of missed workouts,etc.)  Customized nutritional guidance grounded in your goals, commitment level, and lifestyle  Access to the nutritional curriculum offered in my "12 Month Complete Transformation" at no additional cost; Ihighly encourage subscribers to this opportunity for a trulyexceptional coaching experience.  Strategic adjustments to both diet and exercise plans based on how you are progressing and whatever obstacles(social events, work trips and hotel gyms, family obligations, etc.) life throws your way  Skype check-ins as necessary to help keep you accountable and to allow for immediate transfer of ideas(demonstrate form, perform assessments, convince your mom that protein powder won't kill you, etc.)  Unlimited support via app (messages are almost always responded to within 24 hours, and usually much fasterthan that)  Guidelines for tracking your progress so that you (and I) can know if and when your programming and nutritionneed tweaked to keep heading towards your goals as quickly and effectively as possible  Peace of mind knowing that a professional is seeing to every detail of your fitness; all you have to dois follow the plan!  As much "how" and "why" as you'd like to know regarding what I have you doing. I don't believe in developingdependent clients; I hope you'll stay with me forever (it's more fun that way), but if you stop training with me,you should be leaving with a complete understanding of the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition, and you shouldknow how to keep making gains long after we've ended our Skype dates. For whom is this service best suited?  People who already workout and are looking to take their fitness to the next level  Those with ambitious aesthetic goals (the "I want to look great naked" crowd)  Those with busy lifestyles who need workouts that work around travel and other unavoidable hiccups, but whohave gym access and are willing to go  Those who want the fastest results

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