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"Training is a huge time and money commitment and I was skeptical that I would see results that different than what I was getting myself. I felt that I pretty much knew what I was doing and didn’t need help. I had worked with a trainer before who never seemed that committed to helping me improve.

Daniel's focus on improvements to my form was incredibly important in gaining my trust. By thinking a lot about full range of motion in every movement I immediately saw a change in development. Since working with Daniel, I am noticeably leaner, and put on quite a bit of muscle—within a couple months of starting to work with him people were commenting on how I looked different."


Performer and Coach

"About a year ago, Daniel and I sat down and had a conversation about my relationship with myself, my nutrition and my fitness habits. I mentioned to him that losing weight is not a priority, I just want to have better habits and learn more about everyday wellness. He suggested we do a year-long habit forming program. Half of me was like “THAT’S SO LONG HOW CAN I COMMIT TO THAT” and half of me knew that the best time to commit to ME is now. Well it’s been quite the amazing year! I made fitness and nutrition an everyday thought. Even if I didn’t workout that day, or didn’t eat the best foods for me, it was still on my mind in a positive light. Emphasis on the positive. Daniel was wonderfully encouraging, knowing that (for me) this is about a big-picture mindset change, not a strict, everyday counting my calories. But he always checked in. If I disappeared for a few days, he was always there to make sure I got back on track. If I hated a workout, he pushed me but also knew I’d have better success in the gym enjoying my movements. So every step was a team effort. If an exercise was painful, I would send him videos and he’d give me tips. He always answered my questions in a timely and encouraging manner. He was my coach, my ally and my friend. Each and every step of the way. I love going to the gym now. It’s my time to focus and be with my body. I love learning about nutrition, I just want to keep learning and growing. I’ve found my new mantra and it has so many facets: I AM IMPORTANT. Oh! and I’ve dropped 33 pounds and 2 jeans sizes, and my abs are coming in! So that’s a fun bonus! Thanks Daniel, I really mean that."


Actor, Singer

I started working with Daniel in January of 2020 after a lifetime of erratic, aimless, and apathetic gym attendance. Do you know what a difference it makes to work with someone who knows what they're doing? Because I do now, and I'm reminded of it every time I look in the mirror.

Not only is Daniel knowledgeable and passionate, he's kind and trustworthy. He navigates the minefield of personal insecurities to set you up for success in the gym, and then stays the course with you until those insecurities are dead and gone, never to be heard from again. Despite 2020 bringing a pandemic, job losses, gym closures, temporary relocations, and my first child (!!), Daniel pivoted with each change, altering my workout as needed and keeping me on track. 

One insane year later, I look and feel better than I did before all this nonsense started. If you work with Daniel, I anticipate you'll say the same thing. Assuming 2021 doesn't straight up murder all of us, that is.

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