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"Training is a huge time and money commitment and I was skeptical that I would see results that different than what I was getting myself. I felt that I pretty much knew what I was doing and didn’t need help. I had worked with a trainer before who never seemed that committed to helping me improve.

Daniel's focus on improvements to my form was incredibly important in gaining my trust. By thinking a lot about full range of motion in every movement I immediately saw a change in development. Since working with Daniel, I am noticeably leaner, and put on quite a bit of muscle—within a couple months of starting to work with him people were commenting on how I looked different."



"About a year ago, Daniel and I sat down and had a conversation about my relationship with myself, my nutrition and my fitness habits. I mentioned to him that losing weight is not a priority, I just want to have better habits and learn more about everyday wellness. He suggested we do a year-long habit forming program. Half of me was like “THAT’S SO LONG HOW CAN I COMMIT TO THAT” and half of me knew that the best time to commit to ME is now. Well it’s been quite the amazing year! I made fitness and nutrition an everyday thought. Even if I didn’t workout that day, or didn’t eat the best foods for me, it was still on my mind in a positive light. Emphasis on the positive. Daniel was wonderfully encouraging, knowing that (for me) this is about a big-picture mindset change, not a strict, everyday counting my calories. But he always checked in. If I disappeared for a few days, he was always there to make sure I got back on track. If I hated a workout, he pushed me but also knew I’d have better success in the gym enjoying my movements. So every step was a team effort. If an exercise was painful, I would send him videos and he’d give me tips. He always answered my questions in a timely and encouraging manner. He was my coach, my ally and my friend. Each and every step of the way. I love going to the gym now. It’s my time to focus and be with my body. I love learning about nutrition, I just want to keep learning and growing. I’ve found my new mantra and it has so many facets: I AM IMPORTANT. Oh! and I’ve dropped 33 pounds and 2 jeans sizes, and my abs are coming in! So that’s a fun bonus! Thanks Daniel, I really mean that."

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