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Introducing: The "Mentally Jacked Scholarship"

If you've seen any of my fitness posts on social media or have read any of my recent posts, you know that I think having self-compassion is important not only for feeling good, but also for getting the best long-term results in your fitness endeavors.

For that reason, I've decided to create a "scholarship" for new trainees that will hopefully encourage people to take care of themselves in a more wholistic way . . .

Here's the deal:

If you show me proof that you have committed to a month (4 weeks) of work with a licensed counselor/therapist, I will train you for free for four weeks.

It really is that simple, but I know there are bound to be some questions. Here are answers . . .

"Why are you doing this?"

There are a few reasons . . .

1) Fitness can be the best thing that happens to people, but all-too-often well-intentioned trainers encourage behaviors that lead their clients down the road to body image issues and a disordered relationship with food. I firmly believe that adding a licensed mental health professional to the equation can help me facilitate more of the former and less of the latter.

2) I enjoy my job much, much more when my clients get results. I firmly believe that you will get markedly better results if you work on your mental health while striving to improve your physical health and/or physique.

3) I think that you will feel so much better after four weeks of working in this way that you'll want to continue our work together. That's a win/win.

4) I like you, and I want you to be both happy and healthy.

"What's the catch?"

No catch, but there are a few "rules." These rules are in place not only to protect me, but also to ensure you enter into our agreement with an understanding of my expectations.

1) You will have to start a subscription for one of my training options. You are allowed to cancel before your card is ever charged, but in case you want to continue training (and this is my hope), I want to have your card already on file.

2) Whatever plan you select, you will not be able to "downgrade" your plan immediately after. For example, you cannot choose the most expensive training option I offer (which, for the record, rocks) and then switch to the "flying solo" option (my most inexpensive) after four weeks.

3) If you're thinking of some way to take advantage of me trying to do a nice thing, please don't do that. Not only would you be cheating me; you'd be cheating yourself.

"How do I apply?"

Apply for training, and where is says, "Please tell me (briefly) why it is you're interested in training," say you're interested in the "Mentally Jacked Scholarship." We'll schedule a time to chat, and before you begin training, you'll send me some kind of proof that you're working with a mental health professional.

"How can I find a counselor?"

This is a great question! There are a lot of resources out there, and I have no financial incentive to recommend one place over another, but here are a few I'm aware of: - This is what I used for my first extended work with a therapist. I found it to be a fantastic service, and very affordable! - I know this is one of Betterhelp's chief competitors. I haven't used it, so if you know more about it than I do, please let me know at - Zocdoc lets you find medical professionals, including therapists. You can set filters to only look for a therapist / counselor who takes your insurance, which is super handy!

If you know any other resources, please let me know by emailing me. Once again, that's

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